5-Week Beginners Wheel Class, 9/3-10/1, 6 PM - 8 PM (4 seats)

5-Week Beginners Wheel Class, 9/3-10/1, 6 PM - 8 PM (4 seats)


5-Week Beginners Wheel Class, 9/3-10/1, 6 - 8 PM

Once a week, every Tuesday!

This course is a great refresher for prior ceramics knowledge, individual instruction will accommodate all skill levels from beginner to moderate potters.

Classes will consist of 5 consecutive evening sessions.

Class 1: Intro to studio - focus on centering and making of bowls (5)

Class 2: Trim bowls - open studio (practice, practice, practice)

Class 3: Focus on making cups (5)

Class 4: Trim cups and glaze bowls

Class 5: Glaze cups and open studio

*Please note 1 more visit will be required after the end of class to pick up your work.

Class fee includes unlimited use of clay during class time and the ability to keep 10 finished pieces.

Everything you make will be food, microwave and dishwasher.

Practice Practice: once enrolled in the class, you are also offered a discounted studio time to practice outside of class. This is a one time offer of $50, which include studio membership. Clay can be purchased within the studio.

Cancellation Policy:

If cancellation is less than two weeks prior to first class, $40 will be withheld from refunds. After the first class, no fees are refundable. If you need to miss a session you can join another session in progress as long as room is available.
Classes range in size from 3-7 people.

*Please note individuals with long nails might find it difficult to use the potter's wheel. We highly advise trimming your nails prior to the course!
*We offer studio smocks to keep you clean during the course, but there is always a chance you can get a little dirty. Clay is a none staining material that washes out with ease.

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